5 Models: Cruiser -Vantage - Flyer - Stealth Bomberâ„¢ - Avenger e- bikes

- 36 volt "Samsung / Panasonic" Li Ion battery mounted & balanced in the centre of gravity
- LED lights Front and Rear
- Gears 7 speed "Shimano"
- Shock suspension by "Zoom HL Corp"
- Front and Rear Disk Brakes
- Speed 27 - 35km/hr depending on pedal power and terrain.
- Tyres 20 x 2.1    - Bikes folded 85x70x30cm.
- Bikes folded 85x70x30cm.
- Motor 300watt rugged and efficient "Bafang" brand
+ "Cruiser" 2022 model Battery 36v 300watts - with front and rear disk brakes.
+ "Vantage"   For Grand touring. Re-charges battery as you ride with regenerative braking. Vantage Info >
+ "Flyer" Foldaway electric bike is our smallest and lightest eBike.  Flyer >
+ "Avenger" 48v 15 Ah battery with "Fat Tyres" Avenger >


ezi RIDER Crusier - Electric bike Suits all Ages

Every age can use an ezi Rider Cruiser. No top bar for a high leg over. Easy to stop and dismount. Probably the safest electric bike and it is, the top e bike sales model in NZ.

eziRIDER Cruiser - Colour choice

The eziRIDER Cruiser is made from Aircraft Aluminium Alloy and with Samsung Battery pack. The 2022 Cruiser bikes upgraded with front and rear disk brakes. Choice of 4 colours. Silver, Orange, Blue & Red.
Battery for Cruiser  36v 300watts - to NZ limit.

Two ezi RIDER Electric Bikes folded up in Hatchback

Two ezi RIDER Cruiser Electric Bikes folded up in Toyota Wish. The Cruiser is a favourite for campervan owners.  - Bike folded 85x70x30cm.

ezi RIDER Folded for transporting. Watch the Video >

ezi RIDER Cruiser Folded for transporting. Folded size 85x70x30cm.The Carrier is very strong design. Its easy to add a pannier bag for your travelling extras. 

ezi RIDER Arrpw points to folding lever release mechanism.

ezi RIDER Cruiser with light weight frame of High strength Aircraft Alloy. Arrow points to bikes folding lever release mechanism. 

Handle bar Folding Lock and Release lever and Foldup pedals

Handle bar Folding Lock -  Release lever and Pedals with reflectors which can fold up. VIDEO >

Portability, Price, Posture & Pedal Power

- Easily Folded up and stored in a vehicle
- Ezi Rider New Zealand are the importers of this brand and only sell directly to you
- Pricing kept affordable because it cuts out the middleman
- Users say that the body posture & shock absorbers produces a comfortable ride
- Triple mode power:  Throttle = no pedaling, Power assist = motor + pedal, Just Pedal  


ezi RIDER Cruiser - Quality Zoom brand front wheel Shock absorbers. Not many e-bikes have Shocks.  2021 model now with front disk brakes.

RV supercentre Grand Tourer ezirider ebike

The seat with compression Shock absorber. Fully adjustable and seat easily removed for storage

eziRIDER LCD Controller showing Power level, Time, Distance travelled and battery status

eziRIDER Cruiser controller showing power level, battery status, time of day and distance travelled.

ezi RIDER Folded for transporting. Watch the Video >

ezi RIDER Cruiser Shimarno 7 speed Gear change with standard warning bell.

ezi RIDER with quality Zoom brand front wheel Shock adsorbers

ezi RIDER Cruiser with Shimano 7 speed Gear change.

Gettaway ezirider

Many bikes will put strain on your POSTURE. This bike you can see by the photo, one is sitting upright with no strain on shoulders and arms.