Avenger  - fat tyre - foldup Electric bike 

- 48 volt 15 Ah "Samsung / Panasonic" 200 watts Li Ion battery
- Stability: Battery mounted & balanced in the centre of bike.
- LED lights Front and Rear
- Gears 7 speed "Shimano"
- Kenda Krusade Sport Tyres (Fat design )
- Front wheel and back disk brakes
- Speed 27 - 45km/hr depending on pedal power and terrain.
- Bikes folded 85x70x30cm.
- Motor 500watt rugged and efficient "Bafang" brand

Video showing unboxing and assembly of Ezirider Avenger > 

ezi RIDER Avenger foldaway, fat tyre electric bike
eziRIDER - Avenger Colour options
Colour options
Foldaway eziRIDER Avenger
eziRIDER- Avenger model in Red
Comfy Ride